NDNC Schedule 2023 June 18-June 22

Opening Reception and Registration: Sunday 17:00-19:00                                          
Registration opens each day at 8:00

Session 1: Monday 9:00

9:15 PlenaryDiamond Nanophotonics and Quantum SensingAnia Bleszynski Jayich,     U. California-Santa Barbara 
10:00 InvitedDiamond Surface Functionalization via Visible light-Driven C–H Activation for Nanoscale Quantum SensingNathalie de Leon, Princeton UniversityAbstract

Session 2: Monday 10:45 (Nanofabrication)

10:45 InvitedDiamond membranes for integrated quantum technologiesAlexander High,  University of Chicago 
11:15 OralFabrication of single crystal diamond membranes using ion implantation and lift-off: Investigating the influence of defects in membrane production.    ImogeNDNC2023_abstract_Stacey.pdfn Gullick, Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, UKAbstract
11:30 OralManufacturing Integrated Quantum Technologies with Direct-bonded Diamond MembranesAvery Linder, The University of ChicagoAbstract
11:45 OralPreparation of Ultrasmooth Diamond Surfaces for Fabrication of MembranesCyril Popov, University of Kassel, Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics, GermanyAbstract

Session 3: Monday 13:30 (Diamond Growth)

13:30 OralControlled Lightly Phosphorus Doped Diamond HomoepitaxyFranz A. Koeck, Arizona State UniversityAbstract
13:45 Oral15N-doped homoepitaxial diamond (100) free-standing crystal growth  for characterizing nitrogen-related point defectsTokuyuki Teraji, National Institute for Materials ScienceAbstract
14:00 OralTwo-dimensional spin systems in PECVD-grown diamond with tunable density and long coherence for enhanced quantum sensing and simulation    Lillian Hughes, University of California Santa Barbara, Materials DepartmentAbstract
14:15 OralElastic properties of undoped and P-doped thin diamond films grown by  linear antenna chemical vapour depositionKen Haenen, Hasselt University & IMECAbstract
14:30OralTowards Low Stress, Quantum Grade Diamond Grown via Chemical Vapor Deposition    Paul Quayle, Great Lakes Crystal TechnologiesAbstract
14:45OralThe effect of step-flow growth on the surface morphology and optical properties of thick diamond filmsAlec Fischer, Department of Physics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287, USAAbstract


Poster Session #1: Monday 15:30-17:30

Session 5: Tuesday 9:00

9:00 PlenaryUltrawide Bandgap Power ElectronicsRobert Nemanich, Arizona State University 
9:45 InvitedSimulations of Diamond Devices and PhysicsMahash Neupane, Army Research Laboratory 

Session 6: Tuesday 10:45 (Electronic Devices) 

10:45InvitedExploring bipolar junction and electron-channel field-effect devices using diamondZhanqiang (Jack) Ma, University of Wisconsin-MadisonAbstract
11:15 OralDiamond P-type Lateral Schottky Barrier Diodes with High Breakdown Voltage (>4.6kV) Can Bayram, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAbstract
11:30 OralControl of Schottky Barrier Heights to Diamond for Reducing Leakage CurrentKelly Woo, Stanford University Abstract
11:45 OralCommercialization of Diamond ElectronicsAnna Zaniewski, Advent DiamondAbstract

Session 7a: Tuesday 13:30 (NV Centers and N-Defects in Diamond)

13:30 OralAn Investigation of the Effects of Substrate Temperature, Reactor Pressure, and Substrate Surface Preparation on Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nitrogen Doped Single Crystal DiamondSarah P Roberts    , Quantum Optical Devices (QuOD) Lab, Michigan State UniversityAbstract
13:45 OralThe nature and distribution of defects created by low energy (<200 keV) variable temperature electron irradiation and annealing in CVD diamond    Chloe C Newsom, Department of Physics, University of WarwickAbstract
14:00 OralImaging of dark spins using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondChristoph Findler, Ulm UniversityAbstract
14:15 OralRelaxation mechanisms of a single dark electron spin in diamond    Jonathan C. Marcks, University of ChicagoAbstract
14:30 OralNitrogen and silicon defects in co-doped CVD diamond and their charge state behavior    Xuxu (Lawrence) Wu, University of WarwickAbstract
14:45OralCharacterization of defects and dislocations in nitrogen doped CVD diamond film grown on type IIa HPHT substrates.Jiahui (Gloria) Zhao, Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UKAbstract

Session 7b: Tuesday 13:30 (Devices)

13:30OralA robust 3-D printed titanium-diamond hybrid fluorescence sensing platformDaniel Stavrevski, School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC 3000, AustraliaAbstract
13:45OralDevice fabrication of Beta-Ga2O3/Diamond Heterojunction PN DiodeCristian Herrera-Rodriguez, Michigan State UniversityAbstract
14:00OralDiscussion on resistances in hydrogen-terminated diamond MOSFETsJiangwei Liu, National Institute for Materials Science, Ibaraki 305-0044, JapanAbstract
14:15OralPermalloy/p-type B-doped Diamond Schottky Contacts for Spintronic ApplicationsMakoto Kawano, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT CorporationAbstract
14:30OralSynthesis of polycrystalline diamond membranes and their material propertiesJung-Hun Seo, University of BuffaloAbstract

Session 8: Tuesday 15:30 (Luminescent Defects in Diamond)

15:30 Invited3D Machine Learning Assisted Correlative Luminescence and Electron Microscopy Revealing Origins of Fluorescent Nanodiamond Brightness VariationsShery Chang, University of New South WalesAbstract
16:00 OralHigh yield ultrafast laser fabrication of single NVs within high purity diamondAndrew Kirkpatrick, University of OxfordAbstract
16:15 OralElectronic structure and charge stability of nickel vacancy centers in diamondIan Morris, Michigan State University    Abstract
16:30 OralFluorescence Modulation of Nanodiamond NV- Centers for Chemical DetectionHeidi B. Martin    Case, Western Reserve UniversityAbstract
16:45 OralUtilizing Fluorescent Nanodiamonds as Photostable Markers for Investigation of Comestible LiquidsRobert Bogdanowicz, Gdansk University of TechnologyAbstract


Poster Session #2 Tuesday 17:00-19:00 (See poster list below)

Session 10: Wednesday 9:00

9:00 Plenary The Diffusion of Carbon in Metals: Some New InsightsRodney S. Ruoff, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) 
9:45 InvitedEpitaxial Cubic Boron Nitride Grown by Ion Beam-Assisted Molecular-Beam Epitaxy on DiamondDavid Storm, U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryAbstract

Session 11: Wednesday 10:45 (Electrochemistry and Electrodes)

10:45 InvitedElectrochemical CO2 Reduction by Boron-Doped Diamond ElectrodesYasuaki Einaga, Keio UniversityAbstract
11:15 OralDiamond Microelectrodes for Probing Neurosignaling Processes in the GI TractGreg Swain, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824Abstract
11:30 OralFabrication and characterization of all-diamond boron doped microelectrodes for electrochemical measurement with fast-scan cyclic voltammetryJames R. Siegenthaler, Fraunhofer USA Center Midwest, Michigan State University Abstract
11:45 OralPhoto-assisted electrochemical CO2 reduction at boron-doped diamond cathodeGoki Iwai, Keio UniversityAbstract

Session 12a: Wednesday 13:30 (Electrode Fabrication and Electrochemical Applications)

13:30OralBoron-doped Diamond as a Quasi-reference ElectrodeZhen Peng, Keio UniversityAbstract
13:45 OralDevelopment of electrochemical biosensors using functionalized boron doped diamond as a point-of-care label-free detector for SARS-COV-2Pramod Kumar Gupta, Fraunhofer USA, Center Midwest, 1449 Engineering Research Ct., East Lansing, MI 48824, USAAbstract
14:00 OralInvestigation on different cutting approaches of boron-doped diamond electrodes for heavy metal sensingG M Hasan Ul BannaAbstract
14:15 OralDetection of Nitric Oxide From the Mouse Colon Using a Boron-Doped Diamond Microelectrode Modified with Platinum Nanoparticles and Nafion    Skye Antoinette Henderson, Michigan State UniversityAbstract
14:30 OralVertically Aligned 1D Boron Doped Diamond Nanostructures for Electrochemical SupercapacitorsShradha Suman, CSIR- Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar-751013, Odisha, India.Abstract
14:45 OralElectroanalytical utility of 3D printable poly(lactic acid) composites with carbon black and nanodiamond fillersJacek Ryl, Gdansk Tech    Abstract

Session 12b: Wednesday 13:30  (Growth and Reactor Systems)

13:30 OralPlasma-assisted Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterial Studied by Spatially-resolved Laser-induced Fluorescence and Optical Emission Spectroscopy    Tanvi Nikhar, Michigan State University Abstract
13:45 OralThe inner workings of sp2 clusters in a-C:N according to UV-Vis-NIR optical analysisNina Baule, Fraunhofer USA Center MidwestAbstract
14:00OralTowards Higher Growth Rate of Cubic Boron Nitride on Diamond Employing Fluorine ChemistryAli Ebadi Yekta, Arizona State UniversityAbstract
14:15 OralGrowing diamond in liquid metal at 1 atmYan Gong, Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Ulsan, Republic of KoreaAbstract
14:30 OralAdvances in Blue Wave HFCVD and Microwave Plasma CVD Systems: Advanced Instrumentation and Emerging Applications of CVD diamond Coatings and Devices.R.D. Vispute, Blue Wave Semiconductors, Inc.Abstract

Session 13: Wednesday 15:30 (Surfaces and Interfaces)

15:30 InvitedSurface engineering of diamond for quantum applications: Understanding the surface and its effect on band-bendingAlastair Stacey, RMIT University, MelbourneAbstract
16:00 OralPhotoelectron emission from B-doped diamond (111) into water vs. vacuum: the role of surface statesRobert J.  Hamers, University of Wisconsin-MadisonAbstract
16:15 OralModulation Doping of MoO3 on hydrogen Terminated diamond with HfO2 interfacial layerAditya Deshmukh, Arizona State UniversityAbstract
16:30 OralCharacteristics of Electronic States at the Interface of  Aluminum on cubic Boron NitrideParker Ralph Steenblik, Arizona State UniversityAbstract
16:45 OralComparative XPS Analysis of N Atoms in Graphite and Single Crystal Diamond in Studies of Chemical/Physical/Electronic Properties in SCD Implanted with Low Energy N+ IonsOrlando Auciello, University of Texas at DallasAbstract

Conference Reception and Dinner: Wednesday: 18:00

Session 14: Thursday 9:15 (Novel Devices in Diamond)

9:15 InvitedSuperconducting diamond devices: The advantages of nanocrystalline diamondGeorgina Klemencic, University of CardiffAbstract
9:45 OralDiamond Detectors from Alphas to X-raysJesse M. Brown, Advent DiamondAbstract
10:00OralCVD Diamond Windows for Electron Cyclotron Resonant Heating in FusionDirk Strauss, KarlsruheAbstract

Session 15: Thursday 10:45 (2D Materials)

10:45 OralChemistry of 2D Transition Metal Carbides and Carbonitrides (MXenes)Vadym Mochalin, Missouri University of Science & TechnologyAbstract
11:00 OralTerahertz Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Atomically Precise Graphene NanoribbonsMohamed Hassan, Michigan State UniversityAbstract
11:15 OralTowards graphene and diamond integration for electronics applicationAisuluu Aitkulova, Uppsala UniversityAbstract
11:30 OralSingle Crystal, Large-area, Fold-free Monolayer GrapheneMeihui Wang, Institute for Basic ScienceAbstract

Poster Session #1: Monday 15:30-17:30

PosterBoron-doped diamond MOSFETs with high output current and extrinsic transconductanceJiangwei Liu, National Institute for Materials Science, Ibaraki 305-0044, JapanAbstract
PosterScience and Technology of New Integrated Microwave Plasma Pyrolysis/Microwave Plasma/Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes for Flexible Hemp-Ultrananocrystalline Diamond TransformationOrlando Auciello, University of Texas at DallasAbstract
PosterDiamond and Ti3C2 optical transparent electrodes for optoelectrochemical measurementsMichal Sobaszek, Gdansk University of TechnologyAbstract
PosterElectrochemical Analysis of Bovine Exhaled Breath Condensate to Detect Biomarkers of Respiratory Disease Using Nanocarbon ElectrodesAaron I. Jacobs    "Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University"Abstract
PosterA study on the Electrochemical water Treatment of Waste Cutting Oil Using BDD ElectrodeTae-Gyu Kim, Pusan National UniversityAbstract
PosterElectrochemical Studies of Anthracene Derivatives at Nitrogen Incorporated Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Electrodes in Room Temperature Ionic LiquidsShashika Sabaragamuwe J.K.M.R , Michigan State UniversityAbstract
PosterAllotropes of Carbon Nanoparticles Synthesized by HFCVDAlexander Ho, Fraunhofer USA CMWAbstract
Poster2DHG on H-terminated Diamond for FET ApplicationsCan Bayram, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAbstract
PosterNanodiamond Particles' Photothermal Properties in Agarose GelClemens Burda, Case Western Reserve UniversityAbstract
PosterHighly Developed Boron-Doped Diamond/Glassy Carbon Anodes to Remediation of Diclofenac in Aqueous EnvironmentsIwona Kaczmarzyk, Gdansk University of Technology, Narutowicza 11/12, 80233 Gdansk, PolandAbstract
PosterDamage reduction in phosphorus-ion implanted (001) diamond by plasma annealingLi Chang, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 300093, TaiwanAbstract
PosterDiamond deposition on ion-implanted Si (100) substrateLi Chang, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 300093, TaiwanAbstract
PosterHomoepitaxy of p-type boron-doped Diamond power devices on heteroepitaxial diamond substrate using microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionTaemyung Kwak, Tech University of KoreaAbstract
PosterDiamond regrowth for high-performance near-surface NV using ultra-high vacuum microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionTaemyung Kwak, Tech University of KoreaAbstract
PosterImproving single crystal diamond size and quality via image based artificial intelligenceLuke Suter, Fraunhofer USAAbstract
PosterThe Effect of Abrasive Grain Size on Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Single Crystalline Diamond Epitaxial LayersAaron Hardy, Fraunhofer USA, Inc.Abstract
PosterInfrared Absorption Study of Pink-colored Lab-Grown DiamondsA. J. Tarun, T. Janakiraman,  J. Park, J. Moore, Troy High SchoolAbstract

Poster Session #2: Tuesday 17:00-19:00

PosterStudy of Premature Breakdown Failure Mechanisms in Diamond Schottky Barrier Diodes with TCADMichael Dittman, Fraunhofer USA, Inc. Center Midwest, East Lansing, MI 48824, USAAbstract
PosterLow-Temperature Deposition of Diamond Films by Microwave Plasma CVD in CH4/CO2/H2Yonhua Tzeng,    National Cheng Kung UniversityAbstract
PosterPlasma Assisted Bonding of Diamond and SiC for Power ElectronicsYonhua Tzeng, National Cheng Kung UniversityAbstract
PosterNitrogen incorporation during CVD diamond growth for quantum technologiesKarolina Schüle    , Ulm UniversityAbstract
PosterStep-scheme (S-scheme) configuration and cocatalyst are potential strategies for improving the photocatalytic activity of a nanoheterostructureMohammed Al-Ghorbani, Taibah UniversityAbstract
PosterDiamond ΔE-E telescope with an ultra-thin ΔE-diamond detector    V. Konovalov, Applied Diamond, Inc."Abstract
PosterChemical Mechanical Polishing Rate and Surface Smoothness for Single-Crystalline Diamond SubstratesS M Asaduzzaman, Michigan State University    Abstract
PosterModeling of charge transport and high frequency response in  gated  2D diamond conduction channelsSergey Rudin, Electromagnetic Spectrum Sciences Division, DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, Maryland 20783, USAAbstract
PosterFormation of NV centers in Diamond by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation and STED Microscopy CharacterizationFarha Islam Mime, Michigan State University    Abstract
PosterHPHT Growth and Modeling of High-quality Defect-free Diamond CrystalsIlya Ponomarev, Euclid Beamlabs, LLCAbstract
PosterEvidence of Gas Phase Nucleation of Nano Diamond Through the Analysis of Activation EnergyTanvi Nikhar, Michigan State University Abstract
PosterDetermination of thermal properties of diamond using cellular monte carloJoy Acharjee, Arizona State UniversityAbstract
PosterChemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Vacancy Ensembles in Low Strain Diamond with a NIRIM Type ReactorAlexander J. Loomis, Michigan State UniversityAbstract
PosterFabrication of Directly Bonded Diamond Membrane HeterostructuresAvery Linder, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of ChicagoAbstract
PosterNitrogen-incorporated ultrananocrystalline diamond electrodes on single-crystal  diamond anvilsEduardo Henrique de Toledo Poldi, University of Illinois ChicagoAbstract
PosterInterface Characterization of Ohmic Metal Contacts to NanoCarbon Diamond Films via PhotoemissionGabriel Munro-Ludders, Arizona State UniveristyAbstract
PosterRapid Characterization of Threading Dislocations in Diamond via Coincident Cathodoluminescence and Electron Channeling Contrast ImagingHaoxue Yan, Stanford UniversityAbstract
PosterInvestigating carrier transport in graphene on diamondViktor Djurberg, Department of Electrical Engineering, Uppsala UniversityAbstract
PosterDiamond RF DiodesJose Andres Orozco, Advent Diamond Inc.Abstract